The Early School

2510 Bingham Street, Honolulu, HI 96826

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Early School affiliated with the Church of the Crossroads?

Although we have been the church’s tenants for more than 40 years, TES is not religiously affiliated and offers a non-religious curriculum.

How does TES handle discipline?

Difficulties with behavior usually stem from a lack of problem-solving or emotional regulation skills. Our approach is to view disagreements as opportunities to practice conflict resolution and problem-solving. Sometimes non-punitive breaks are needed to calm down or refocus first.

Do TES students take field trips?

Connecting children to the world around them is one of the pillars of a TES education. In the YCP (18 months – 3 years), children are taken on walks around the neighborhood. In the Sky Room (3 – 4 years), children take longer field trips by foot or on TheBus, once they have settled into school and have practiced field trip skills like listening to directions and walking as a group. In the Lokahi Room, field trips happen once a week to places around Oahu to walk, discover nature, visit the library, run in the park, and more. The afternoon program also offers a separate series of field trips.

Do you have a pre-K program for late-born children?

Yes, we call it a “second-year program,” which incorporates a more challenging, but still emergent, curriculum. Late-born children can remain at TES until age 6.

Do you have an open-door policy for families in the classroom?

We welcome families in the classroom as long as it will not be disruptive to learning. Parents can be seen regularly at TES having breakfast with their children, visiting, participating, or sharing their skills. During periods of transition or special events, teachers may ask families to keep drop-off brief and refrain from visiting until pick-up time.

Can my child just attend part-time?

There is a single price for monthly tuition, but families are free to pick their children up any time after noon.

At what point does my child need to be toilet-trained?

Children in the Young Childrens’ Program (YCP) do not need to be toilet-trained, and they can remain in the YCP until age 3.5. In order to move to the preschool, they need to have been toilet-trained for one month.